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How to insert a male urinary catheter?

  • Clean the area: Clean the penis and surrounding area with an antiseptic solution to reduce the risk of infection. 
  • Gather supplies: You will need a sterile catheter, lubricant, and a drainage bag. 
  • Apply lubricant: Apply a generous amount of lubricant to the tip of the catheter to make insertion easier and more comfortable for the patient. 
  • Position the patient: Have the patient lie on their back with their legs spread apart. If necessary, a foam pad can be placed under their hips to elevate the penis. 
  • Insert the catheter: Gently insert the catheter into the urethra, being careful not to cause any pain or discomfort to the patient. Continue until the catheter reaches the bladder and urine begins to drain. 
  • Secure the catheter: Attach the drainage bag to the end of the catheter and secure it to the patient’s leg using a strap or adhesive tape. 
  • Monitor the patient: Observe the patient for any signs of discomfort or adverse reactions, and monitor the urine output to ensure proper drainage. 

It’s important to note that inserting a urinary catheter is a medical procedure that requires proper training and techniques to ensure patient safety and comfort. If you are unsure how to perform this procedure, it is best to seek guidance from a healthcare professional. 

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