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How to locate a WIC voucher vendor in your state?

To locate a WIC voucher vendor in your state, you can follow these steps: 

  1. Visit the WIC program website for your state: Each state has its own WIC program website that provides information about the program, including a list of authorized WIC vendors. To find the website for your state’s WIC program, you can search online using the name of your state and the term “WIC program.” For example, if you live in Washington DC, you can search for “Washington DC WIC program.”  

For DC WIC Program  


For MD WIC Program 


For VA WIC Program 


  • Look for a list of authorized WIC vendors: Once you are on your state’s WIC program website, look for a section that provides information about authorized WIC vendors. This may be labeled “WIC vendors,” “grocery stores,” or something similar. 
  • Search for a vendor near you: Some state WIC program websites have a search function that allows you to search for WIC vendors by location. If this feature is available, enter your zip code or city and state to find WIC vendors near you. If your state’s website doesn’t have a search function, you may need to look through the list of authorized WIC vendors to find one that is located near you. 
  • Contact the vendor to confirm they accept WIC vouchers: Once you have identified a WIC vendor near you, it’s a good idea to call them to confirm that they accept WIC vouchers. Some stores may have specific policies or limitations on WIC purchases, so it’s important to know this information before you go shopping. 
  • Go shopping: Once you have confirmed that the vendor accepts WIC vouchers and you have received your vouchers or EBT card, you can go shopping and purchase WIC-approved foods at the vendor. 

If you have any questions or need additional assistance locating a WIC voucher vendor in your state, you can contact your local WIC office for more information. 

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