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Ensuring Data Critical to Operations is Processed Promptly & Accurately​

​ ​ Efficient documentation processing is vital for key business areas like billing, patient care, inventory, quality control, auditing, and customer service. With extensive DME expertise, the CPCG team ensures seamless documentation handling to keep your business running smoothly.​ ​ ​

CPCG leverages the analytical power of Microsoft Power BI to monitor, track, and enhance performance metrics, delivering real-time insights into the critical dimensions of your business.​

Core Services for Data Entry

  • Expertise in all elements of Brightree software

  • Examples of documents processed include:

  • Fax receiving and management

  • Sales order and profile creation

  • Sales order intake and management

  • Customizable dashboards: hourly, weekly, monthly stats

  • >2,740 DME orders on an average are processed by a CPCG resource in a month 

  • 99.03% documentation processing accuracy rate

  • 97.47% of faxes/documents are processed within 2 hours

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