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Driving the Sustainability of Your Business​

​ Delays in prescription renewals affect patient care and your revenue. At CPCG, we promptly analyze prescriptions nearing expiration to ensure timely care and sustained business cash flow. ​ ​
CPCG leverages the analytical power of Microsoft Power BI to monitor, track, and enhance performance metrics, delivering real-time insights into the critical dimensions of your business.​

Core Services for Resupply

  • Connecting with and delivering guidance to both patients and physician offices

  • Obtaining updated prescriptions from the clinician

  • Ensuring timely and accurate resupply to patients

  • 3 Month Performance Example

    • Prescription proactive renewals increased from <35% to >72.95% in 4.5 months

    • Secured ~$264,500 USD in “additional” revenue in last 3 months by proactively rectifying prescriptions 

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