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OCSR (On-Screen Customer Service Rep)

The shortage of labor and high demand of remote work led to this idea of using humans along with technology to provide a beautiful blend of both.

Kiosks are placed in the

store, in the customer service areas as well as on the retail sales floor.

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Patients interact with a

live human on a monitor.

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The employee is logged

in from a remote location.

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Agent can hop on and

hop off any screen throughout the store and in between stores.

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Agent is capable to take

the intake orders, get insurance documents, get the demographics and scan and store all the documents by using a mounted camera & a scanner

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Agent can process the

order and send a message to the local staff about order packing and delivery at the point of sale

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Credit card payments

can also be accepted via OCSR stations

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Digital security and secured connection.

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