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Enable Your Sales Teams with Actionable Data​

​ Immediate access to information is vital for your sales teams to boost patient services, ensure compliance, and grow revenue. With Maximum Gross Potential, the CPCG team ensures your teams are primed with both current and future upselling opportunities.​ 5​
CPCG leverages the analytical power of Microsoft Power BI to monitor, track, and enhance performance metrics, delivering real-time insights into the critical dimensions of your business.​

CPCG Core Services for Maximum Gross Potential

  • Aggregate all products that are currently being utilized by each patient

  • Advanced tools pinpoint upselling opportunities, and systems effectively compile this information for your sales teams

  • Quickly and effectively identify patient “Compliance” challenges

  • Customizable format, reporting, and dashboards

  • 47.8% reduction in call handling time on resupply inquiries

  • 88.93% increase in resupply sales e.g., Incontinence Care, wound care, foot care, prosthetic accessories… 

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