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Enhance Patient Care While Maximizing Your Revenue Potential​

At CPCG, we believe in optimizing patient care through targeted, supplemental solutions. Our True Upcare (TUC) program is designed to work collaboratively with DME patients and their healthcare teams. By carefully analyzing each patient's therapy and current equipment use, TUC identifies and integrates additional products that can significantly improve their treatment regimen. Our goal is to ensure every patient receives a comprehensive, customized approach to their care, enhancing their overall experience and outcomes.5​

CPCG leverages the analytical power of Microsoft Power BI to monitor, track, and enhance performance metrics, delivering real-time insights into the critical dimensions of your business.​

Core Services for True Upcare

  • 13 points proprietary algorithms to evaluate the most suitable adjacent growth opportunities

  • Ability to develop new algorithms with limited inputs (upon customer request)

  • Patient outreach and assessment capabilities

  • Clinician outreach, documentation, and ordering services

  • Customizable reporting and metrics 

Program Performance Example

  • 128.04% increase in targeted sales for Incontinence Care products

  • 110.19% increase in targeted sales for Mobility products

  • 79.98% increase in targeted sales for Bathroom Safety products

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