1. Resupply is one of the most crucial segments of HME business
  2. Successful businesses always focus on a repeat business, the repeat business can be in the form of a new order from the same satisfied patient. But the easiest goal to achieve is to focus of repetition of the existing order.
  3. Businesses must realize that if the resupply is not performed on the due date, then there is a lot money which is left on the table
  4. Resupply is much easier to perform as compared to processing a new order and requires less hands to process.
  5. CPCG brings technology to surface the maximum opportunity on a resupply
  6. CPCG has trained dedicated team who creates templates for those patients who have orders for resupply
  7. CPCG team performs calling function to get patient consent and then process the timely order for a resuppl

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