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Operator Comes with It


Back End Resources: Starts at $7.99/hour.

Software Development: Start at $50/hour.

Design Development: Start at $25/hour.

$1040 PER MONTH“


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CPCG is an advanced technology firm, but there are a whole lots of technology firms out there. Why CPCG is unique?

Because Operator Comes with it!

“Lets say that we are not personal trainers, we are your gym partner”

The beauty of the model is that it brings humans into this mix.

Most of the services offered by CPCG comes with highly trained staff. We not only analyze the data, bring laser focused targets in sight, and identify the opportunities, but also bring executors with it.

CPCG blends technology with human capital. The niche of the human capital provided by CPCG relies on “Simple and Repetitive Functions”. We call this a “Skimming Effect”,
CPCG skims away the scattered, monotonous and repetitive functions and leaves the client with an opportunity to evolve their current workforce into more advanced functions.

Need a digital space to store the documents (invoices, delivery slips, bills)
CPCG will provide the space to you
CPCG staff will make sure that they are keeping records of you invoices, just scan and forget
Need to see which Rx do not have image
CPCG will pick this info from your software and create a workable list
CPCG staff will perform a continuous audit to make sure that you have images of RX
Need to adjust the inventory numbers and reconcile PO (Purchase orders)
Data Analytics will identify the Pos which are open, how long they have been opened for, if they Pos are received or not, are they partial or full, and much more.
CPCG staff will manage this for you
Want to resolve a discrepancy between prescribed quantity and dispensed quantity
Data Analytics will identify those claims
CPCG staff will perform the audit, isolate the RX where initial written quantity was tried, confirm that we have a rejection. If this info is not available then, sort those Rxs and bring them to your attention for further action
Want to call your patients for delivery notification
Data Analytics will spot those patient
CPCG staff will call for you
Want to call patient from the waiting bin to remind them to pick up their orders
Data analytics will manage the list for you
CPCG staff will call them
Need to call your top patients and wish them a happy birthday
Data Analytics identifies them according to your criteria
CPCG staff will make this happen
Want to make sure that Refill is happening on a timely manner
Data Analytics will help, create template, identify if templates are missing, identify what Refill dates to put into the templates, and much more
CPCG staff will make this happen
Want to make sure that the document management is running pristine, faxes are checked and sorted timely, documents are getting allocated properly
Data analytics, on your prescribed benchmarks, will identify if the operation is running smoothly. Any out of sequence or delayed task will show up in the WIPSAM.
CPCG trained staff will make sure that this process is pristine, and you won’t even feel if happening.

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