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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Complete HR outsourcing!
  • Job add placement and initial screening
  • Employee on-boarding
  • Record keeping
  • Unemployment claims response
  • Payroll and deductions
  • Leave management

Human Resources management

Outsource your complete HR solution on incredibly affordable rates

Job advertisement placement and monitoring
Initial screening and virtual basic interview
Resume verification
Scheduling of in person interviews
Employee job offer creation and offer placement
Employee hiring documentation gathering and verification
Letter of Reprimand or Raise deafting and issuance
Payroll management and processing
Benefits management and deductions
Processing of federal and state employment taxes
Leave management
Reward and Reprimand records
Responding to an unemployment claim
Responding to a worker’s comp claim
Leave Management
Job Advertisement
  • Initial Screening
  • Initial interview
  • Short listing
  • Responding against an unemployment claim
  • Processing a reprimand letter
  • Providing employee consumption and their expenses
  • Leaves, call outs and break management

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