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Aurangzeb Khan

Group Vice President

AK Story
In January 2020, Khan joined this esteemed group on a transformative journey, fueled by growth, challenges, and meaningful connections. Our unwavering commitment to the healthcare sector, particularly in the United States, drives our mission: to elevate standards and ensure access to vital healthcare resources.

As the 8th member of our offshore business, I assumed the role of Quality Assurance & Analytics. Alongside dedicated colleagues, we laid the groundwork for our offshore enterprise, Collaborative Patient Care Group (CPCG), playing a pivotal role in fostering NHMS’s growth by 375%, showcasing our strategic prowess. Today, with over 150 thriving members, we’ve expanded our services across the United States, empowering healthcare clientele.

In the current landscape, offshoring/outsourcing presents unparalleled opportunities for businesses. Our agile framework empowers them to flourish amidst challenges.

My commitment lies in meticulous attention to detail, ensuring superlative output. Guided by Saleem’s wisdom, I aim to drive excellence and innovation. Currently, I serve as Group Vice President, overseeing our offshore operations and contributing to our strategic vision.

With 14 years of multifaceted experience before joining. I stand poised to lead our group into a future marked by continued growth, innovation, and positive impact.

Furthermore, our collaborative approach, rooted in CPCG’s mission, fosters a fantastic blend of diverse cultures. I possess a passion for numbers and analytics, guiding my decision-making process. A data-driven mindset ensures precision and effectiveness, driving our group towards continued growth and innovation.

At the heart of our endeavors lies CPCG’s mantra, “Evolve & Thrive,” encapsulating our collective ethos. This guiding principle resonates deeply with me as I navigate my professional journey within this esteemed group. With a steadfast commitment to evolution and growth, I embrace every challenge as an opportunity to innovate and excel.

Driven by CPCG’s mission and values, I am dedicated to propelling our organization forward, ensuring that we not only adapt to change but emerge stronger, thriving amidst adversity.

As an offshore entity, our strength lies in our top leadership team, comprised of seasoned individuals with proven records in offshoring business management. Their collective expertise serves as a cornerstone for our success, guiding us towards greater heights in the dynamic landscape of healthcare operations.