Pioneering Healthcare Solutions Our Mission, Your Success

Saleem Shah


In 2014, Saleem, a pharmacist by profession, found himself at a crossroads. Despite owning and operating several healthcare businesses across state lines, including pharmacies and Durable Medical Equipment companies, etc. Saleem always felt as if something was missing. Saleem attended numerous great conferences, professional gatherings, and met with amazing market leaders. He realized, early on, that mere knowledge was not enough to ensure success. Attending conferences and gathering information yielded little actionable results. It became evident that there was a critical gap. A critical gap between knowledge and execution.

Driven by this realization, Saleem embarked on a mission to revolutionize the way small to medium-sized businesses approach their operations. He envisioned a future where businesses could not only survive but thrive, competing on an equal footing with larger enterprises. This vision gave birth to the Collaborative Patient Care Group (CPCG).

CPCG was founded on the belief that small businesses deserve equal access to human capital and technological support to compete effectively in today’s global environment. Saleem understood that operating in isolation was no longer viable; collaboration and communication were paramount for sustained success. He believed that business evolution was constant; standing still meant falling behind.

Saleem strongly believes in the principle of “practicing what we preach.” He has actively engaged with, designed, and utilized nearly all the departments and services offered by CPCG within his own businesses.

CPCG’s innovative approach does not stop at training and preparation. The group offers continued partnership and teamwork, going beyond what traditional technology and analytical companies provide. CPCG’s custom-made analytical tools come with operators to run and manage them, ensuring seamless integration into clients’ businesses.